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We are the local company with talented and experienced technical consultants with the world as our workspace.


Expertise delivered across the globe

Overgaard Asia acts as a valubel link to our well-established teams of skilled Scandinavian engineers, connecting Asian markets with Overgaards Solutions long engineering tradition.

With its roots deeply embedded in Scandinavian electrical engineering, Overgaard has naturally progressed towards meeting the needs of our existing European customers in Asia, bringing our expertise closer to their operations.

As we integrate our trusted Nordic approaches with local insights, we aim to offer solutions that meet the diverse needs of the Asian market.


Nuclear Power

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Gas turbines

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Renewable Energy

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At Overgaard, our expertise in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems is both deep-rooted and expansive…

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Servo Drives

Over the years, our team has gained a wealth of experience in a variety of Servo drive systems, catering to the diverse requirements of the industries…

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Electric Design

Leveraging state-of-the-art software tools such as AutoCAD Electrical, EPLAN, and SolidWorks Electrical, our electrical design services encompass…
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Our specialists provide comprehensive services covering design, servicing, and consultation in all facets of industrial automation, encompassing PLC…

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At Overgaard Asia, we offer specialized commissioning services, backed by a team of engineers experienced in ensuring engineering projects are set up…

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Project Management

From the initiation to the delivery of any industrial project, our project managers are equipped to provide partial or full project management…

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We are always looking for skilled and dedicated colleagues!

Do you have a passion for electrical design, automation, and instrumentation? Immerse yourself in challenging projects, utilize cutting-edge technologies, and become part of a team that thrives on innovation. We invite talented electrical engineers to further their careers with us and contribute to our mission of staying the best in the industry. Join us and be an integral part of our journey to excellence!


The Overgaard Group

Our Bangkok office serves as a resource center for European companies, providing cost-effective electrical design services and field engineering support in the region. Our on-site team of Scandinavian engineers greatly improves our capacity to provide specialized services.

Our team specializes in calibrating a diverse array of instruments, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards. We provide precise adjustments and testing to maintain optimal performance and compliance. Trust us for precision in every calibration.

Our dedicated team excels in automating a wide range of processes, ensuring they align with the highest industry standards. We offer advanced automation services, delivering efficiency and accuracy to enhance performance and functionality.


Our Clients

Expertise delivered across the globe

Overgaard Solutions Asia has a common goal that through our work always deliver a cost-effective solution that works over time for our customers.


Clients World Wide


Projects Completed


Comitted Engineers
Africa: Angola, Egypt, Tanzania, Yemen, Syria, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mauritius, Reunion.
Europe: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, France, England, Italy.
North America
South America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru.
Asia: India, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, South Korea.

Overgaard Asia

We never settle for less than our clients being 100% satisfied. Our engineers are handpicked so that we together can offer creative engineering solutions to meet the demands from all types of industries, wherever in the world the client might be. Through a global network of subcontractors and partners we have the ability to adopt for exactly what dimensions the assignment requires.


10/162, Trendy Building, 20th floor
Sukhumvit Soi 13, Wattana
Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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